just realized anon was turned off…

"any time spike.."

Come on guys, I can’t answer stuff without questions, more pls.

excited to answer some I have though.

"Wish..I could remember.."



sorry guys, I caved.

This is just something you don’t pass up

But seriously, need some asks over here!!
Might I ask why the change? There are AMILLLION Pinkie Pie blogs and already a heck load of Human Pinkie Pie blogs. But only 1 AppleJackie...

Well I’ve been absent for a-loooong time as I’m sure most people who follow me are aware..? Why they even still followed me I’ll never be sure. But I have been watching my little pony in between and Pinkie pie Is and always will be my favorite, she really reminds me of myself so, I think I can portray her much better Than I can Applejack, SO please send some asks my way I’m preparing a design for a pinkie pie as we speak! Re-vamp here I come.

Hello followers, Sorry to say it but I’ll be changing this ask account.

This is offically An ask Human Pinkie pie!